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Q&A with Christie Zuk the Data Guru

How accurate is Dun & Bradstreet Canada’s data?

D&B Canada has been in the data gathering business for more than 175 years so we’re experts in gathering data, so much so that we’ve created a patented process of data collection and enhancement called DUNSRight. We microscopically review our own database every month. We have a dedicated data and operations team, and it’s driven by a Canadian data content expert. We also develop a scorecard that measures our database across more than 50 data points for accuracy and completeness every month. Finally, we also leverage leading edge technology and a 3rd party organization to verify the accuracy of our database. Even though we support and offer guidance to Fortune 500 companies (who have very sophisticated decisioning needs), we also offer data solutions for small businesses that don’t have in-house expertise -they just leverage us for insight differently than large corporations do.

How do I know if Dun & Bradstreet’s data will give me what I need?

To find the answer to this, all you have to do is read a story. Take a look at our risk management customer story and this one on marketing. If you want more, why not also check out one of these stories about our supply chain customers or even our compliance story in international dealer networks. That's how you know our data will give you what you need!

If you’re trying to achieve a single view of the customer, know that we’re experts in this, we have broad reaching access to data. If you’re looking for help with credit decision making, support with better understanding your audience for marketing purposes, or even managing your supply chain more effectively, we’re here for you.

What results can I expect after using Dun & Bradstreet Canada's help?

Our customers typically see an improvement in response rates and acquisition rates by utilizing our sophisticated marketing list selection criteria. The marketing lists can be selected based on D&B variables or by utilizing statistical support in identifying prime prospects. To measure success we often employ evaluations of prior marketing campaigns against the D&B marketing list results. These can include delivery rates, response rates and acquisition rates.

In risk, our support can be measured in many ways from reduction of Days Sales Outstanding, Reduction of Bad Debt, improved acquisition rates and credit limit recommendation optimization along with reduction in Credit and Collection activities. How we measure customer success can be determined by mapping before and after results using the customers internal metrics.

Lastly, the impact of using our insight for Supply Chain Management can be measured by the reduction of total vendors, the elimination of redundant or duplicate goods supplied by multiple vendors, decreased contract turn around times, and improved contract terms with existing vendors and new vendors. Again we would encourage our clients to share with us their current measurements of success and their goals and look towards closing these gaps.