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Optimize Sales & Marketing. Deliver Breakthrough Growth.

Fragmentation and consolidation; cross-industry competition; personalization and the market of one – all factors causing massive industry disruption. To gain a competitive edge, innovation and differentiation are imperative.

Our team of industry specialists can help you leverage data, insights, and advanced analytics to optimize your marketing, optimize your sales resources and deliver breakthrough growth.

Sales and Marketing
Get Ahead of the Competition Get Ahead of the Competition

Differentiate between the best segment with four times more spending potential than the worst segment – with five times less spend potential.

Targeted Prioritization Targeted Prioritization

Pinpoint up-sell opportunities by isolating 50% of the highest growers in the best 20% of your customer segments.

Sales Optimization Sales Optimization

Sales Resource Planning; Propensity to Buy

  • Organize and segment account teams based on current and future opportunity
  • Develop propensity-to-buy models
  • Use analytics for targeted prioritization of customers for cross-sell and up-sell
  • Integrate seamlessly with the world’s leading sales and marketing programs
Marketing Optimization Marketing Optimization

Robust Data-Driven Marketing

  • Get a single, complete, actionable, and flexible view of your customer and prospects
  • Maximize prospecting and demand generation with behavioral analytics
  • Optimize profitability and drive efficiency by screening out high risk prospects
  • Improve targeting by understanding size, propensity to buy, and growth trajectory
  • Embrace the market of one – and leverage personalization to improve response rates
Partner Enablement Partner Enablement

Drive partner effectiveness and sales optimization by using the same analytical rigor as your direct sales channels to your indirect channels, and gain market level insight on customer and prospect opportunities.

Dun & Bradstreet can help…
  • 15% increase
    in sales productivity
  • 8X lift
    per engaged customer in cross-sell and upsell revenue
  • Grow deal size by 32%
    by mapping business need with propensity to buy
Build more valuable relationships with Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is the leading data, insight and analytics provider to the technology industry – working with 87% of Fortune 500 companies across the globe. With a dedicated team of industry specialists, Dun & Bradstreet can help you grow within the highly-competitive technology marketplace.