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Connect the World. Maximize Connected Relationships.

The telecommunications industry is an intensely competitive market. Operators are challenged to meet the growing demand to connect everyone and everything against the backdrop of rapidly evolving technology, market consolidation, globalization, and strict government regulation.

Our team of industry specialists will help strengthen your sales and marketing efforts by using data-inspired insights to your advantage. We will help you optimize your marketing, mobilize your sales teams, and deliver breakthrough growth.

Sales and Marketing
Marketing Optimization Marketing Optimization

Robust Data-Driven Marketing

  • Get a single, complete, actionable, and flexible view of your customer and prospects
  • Maximize prospecting and demand generation with behavioral analytics
  • Optimize profitability and drive efficiency by screening out high risk prospects
  • Improve targeting by understanding size, propensity to buy, and growth trajectory
  • Embrace the market of one – and leverage personalization to improve response rates
Convert the Digital Experience to Leads Convert the Digital Experience to Leads

Telecommunications providers today can improve online targeting by capturing incoming IP addresses and converting them to leads. The conversion of every digital opportunity will enable you to maximize your sales funnel and drive growth.

Maximize Opportunity in your Customer Lifecycle Maximize Opportunity in your Customer Lifecycle

Incorporating a behavioral analytics discipline into your customer lifecycle program can maximize both prospecting and customer demand generation opportunities, collections, and recovery.

Mobilize your Sales Teams Mobilize your Sales Teams
  • Stop wasting time on unqualified prospects
  • Prioritize prospecting through organized efforts based on proximity and/or propensity to buy
  • Upsell to non-buying locations associated with existing customers
  • Set on-demand appointments as schedules change
  • Customize with unique footprint and service area attributes using location based services
  • Research customers and prospects on the go
Dun & Bradstreet can help…

  • 15% increase
    in sales productivity
  • 8X lift
    per engaged customer in cross-sell and upsell revenue
  • Grow deal size by 32%
    by mapping business need with propensity to buy
Build more valuable relationships with Dun & Bradstreet

Dun & Bradstreet is the leading data, insight and analytics provider to the telecommunications industry – working with 87% of Fortune 500 companies across the globe. With a dedicated team of industry specialists, Dun & Bradstreet can help you grow within the highly-competitive telecommunications marketplace.