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Drive Profitable Growth with Integrated D&B Intelligence in your Financial Systems

Now you can mitigate financial risks, improve cash flow, and capture new growth opportunities by streaming D&B financial intelligence and predictive scores into your credit and financial applications. Leverage forward-looking analytics to anticipate and monitor potential credit risks, identify credit expansion opportunities across your portfolio and prioritize collection efforts. Deepen understanding of key financial risks and opportunities across related corporate entities in the global marketplace.

Gain an Informed Perspective
with D&B Direct

Product Highlights

  • Automate credit decisioning, monitoring and portfolio management with pre-built analytics
  • Reduce time spent manually managing data with automatic updates, alerts and triggers
  • D&B D-U-N-S® Number illuminates corporate relationships to uncover hidden risks and opportunities across related entities
  • Build custom applications for any system or device

D&B Direct Helps You Find the Risks Worth Taking

Use the D&B Direct API for easy access to the broadest and deepest global business intelligence on public and private companies, large and small. Make decisions based on a complete view of customers’ financial profile, corporate relationships, and future viability. Combine payment data with Dun & Bradstreet insights to set credit limits and prioritize collections -- adjusting appropriately to meet dynamic conditions with real-time alerts. New scores and modeling capabilities -- including the D&B Delinquency Predictor, D&B Total Loss Predictor, and D&B Viability Rating -- power predictive insights to uncover risks and opportunities.

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