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Corporate Regulatory Compliance Made Easier

Compliance with regulations is necessary today, but can be hard to achieve. Information to research businesses and principals is dispersed across multiple sources. Manually finding and consolidating this information slows down your research and increases your margin for error. D&B Onboard eliminates these challenges by providing a single point of access to the information and tools to more easily research and make compliance decisions – and protect your business’ financial, legal and reputational well-being.

DNBi Risk Management

Product Highlights

  • Online research tool to access multiple sources of compliance data from a single location
  • Enhanced specialty compliance data for the most comprehensive compliance review
  • Corporate Linkage to see the complete picture of a business’ family tree
  • Google search results returned along with D&B results for access to web-based information about the business from within the application, within a single work stream

Minimize Financial, Legal and Reputational Risk Exposure

Before conducting business with a new customer, supplier or other partner, you need to be reasonably sure they do not pose a compliance threat.  And you must be able to demonstrate you’ve done your due diligence in assessing their compliance risk prior to engaging them.  This means researching the business and its principals to find out if they are on any sanction or watch lists, have questionable associations or are the subject of negative publicity.  You want to make intelligent decisions about if and how to engage these risky businesses in order to avoid tarnishing your brand or being assessed penalties.  D&B Onboard can help you decide which businesses to establish and maintain relationships with, and identify which to avoid. 

D&B Onboard can help you:

Verify Potential Business Partners

The best way to be sure a business is who they say they are is to validate against a trusted third party source of content.  D&B’s global database provides deep insight on more than 265 million businesses and is used by 95% of today’s Fortune 500 companies as well as the United States government.  D&B Onboard returns robust firmographic, operational and financial information and checks against OFAC and other compliance sources so you can verify the business and determine if it is accurately representing itself.

Screen Businesses and Principals for Corporate Compliance Risk

Once a business’ identity is verified, you can determine whether or not they pose a compliance threat.  To make the most comprehensive evaluation you need access to all relevant information.  D&B Onboard streamlines the research process by bringing all the data you need together in one place, enabling more thorough research and a more efficient process.  D&B Onboard provides a single point of access to all the data you need:

  • D&B’s global business information on more than 265 million businesses
  • Over 400 watch lists and sanction lists
  • Over 1 million Politically Exposed Parties, including associations and family members
  • Over 10,000 news sources for adverse global media coverage
  • Google search within the application for broader searches without interrupting workflow

Document Your Corporate Compliance Process

Equally important as performing compliance due diligence is being able to demonstrate you have taken steps to screen for legal, regulatory and reputational risk.  Demonstrating due diligence requires a reliable method of storing and archiving your results.  D&B Onboard digitally documents your compliance activity for easy recall if the need arises with:

  • Snapshots that capture your searches and their results
  • Audit trail at the breadcrumb level of how you arrived at your information
  • Notes attached to the reports you used
  • Time, date and user stamped activity for future reference

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