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D&B’s Most Comprehensive Assessment of Current and Future Health of a Business

D&B transforms data into complete and actionable business information. Quality data is the foundation for all of our solutions, whether you are checking credit, building your pipeline, or cleaning your company’s disparate files. Contact us at 1-800-463-6362 to learn more.

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Our Canadian Data Tells a Big Story

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Move From Data to Action

D&B's data + Predictive Analytics enables decisions based on:

  • Data accuracy - make sense of the world with the information you need, when you need it
  • Insight - see predictive indicators, trends, and benchmarks gleaned from the data with powerful analytic tools
  • Foresight - use your knowledge to understand current realities and forecast future conditions
  • Action - to make data-driven decisions with confidence

D&B Predictive Analytics

Today’s businesses need precise, perceptive market-sensing analytical tools to discover opportunities for growth in a sluggish economic climate and an increasingly competitive landscape. Often the most critical insights for a business are hidden in a company’s transactional data or the deluge of “Big Data” data sets that many companies struggle to deal with. D&B Predictive AnalyticsTM offer an efficient way to mine the data for insights that can protect, grow and empower a business.


Provide a comparative rating of a company based on a company’s financial standing.

Custom Analytics

Advanced analytical methods that optimize a data-driven approach unique to a business.

D&B Data

Our proprietary data-quality technology delivers information on customers, prospects, and suppliers to guide business functions and corporate strategy.

D&B Country Insights

D&B's Country Insight Solutions helps you identify risk and opportunity across 132 countries and regions, using a comparative, cross-border assessment of the risk of doing business in a certain country.

Call a Business Information Consultant at 1-800-463-6362 or your Relationship Manager to learn more about our new suite of tools.