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Creating Value Through Data

Growth Starts With Understanding Connected Relationships

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Growth is the lifeblood of every organization. While everyone is pointing to data as a conduit of growth, you must ask the right questions in order to extract real insights and maximize the potential of data to truly propel your business. As more companies enlist Chief Data Officers to help them uncover truth and meaning in data, you join an exciting new breed of executives acting as the catalyst for establishing a systematic approach to optimizing business data across the enterprise.

But it's not just about the data, it's about building valuable relationships that provide the foundation for business growth and value creation - all while ensuring governance and compliance. To accomplish this, you'll need to discover, curate and synthesize or analyze your data in ways that make it the basis of your competitive advantage. Are you armed with all the right assets and intelligence to help you through this journey?

CDO Challenges

Your Challenge: Deliver Growth Without Being
Mired in the Data Deluge

Organizations are drowning in data. The problem is no longer about how to get more data, but how to make sense of what you have. As the Chief Data Officer, you are responsible for leading a cultural change that breaks down silos between departments and aligns data assets across the enterprise to identify previously unrecognized relationships with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers – all while doing so through the lens of enterprise-wide governance to manage risk. But one thing’s for sure: This isn’t about technology or IT. You’re leading the charge to solve a business challenge. You have the opportunity to foster a data-inspired approach to uncovering valuable relationships.

Business data worldwide now doubles every 1.2 years
In 2015, only 0.5% of all the world’s data is analyzed by companies. By 2020, 33% will be useful if analyzed.
CDO Imperatives:
Three Areas You Must Explore On Your Journey
to Building Data-Inspired Relationships.
  • Discover
    Get Clarity Across Every Relationship in Your Portfolio

    The journey to maximizing the potential of data and driving growth starts with the Discovery stage.
  • Curate
    Deliver Master Data to fuel your MDM Solution

    The key to mastering data is having the right organizing principles, which starts with identity resolution and linkage.
  • Synthesize
    Sophisticated Insights Keep Future Opportunities In Sight

    Your final step on the data growth journey is advanced analytics.

Customer Spotlight

"The quality, depth and detail of the data from Dun & Bradstreet combined with a team to build out the modeled universe meant we could be more targeted, precise and accurate in our marketing program, resulting in a more successful outcome."
– Andrew Ford, VP for Marketing and Communications, Europe, Pitney Bowes

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