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Finding Meaning in the Data

Manage Capital and Risk

Once you have established your Relationship Data Platform, you are poised for sophisticated analysis that lets you identify untapped opportunities. Using advanced analytics, you can explore a rich body of information - from entity to entity - utilizing both first-party and third-party data. This complete view lets you better predict performance based on past behavior and look for triggers and insights that can forecast unforeseen needs.

Quantify and Prioritize New Opportunities Uncover New Opportunities for Growth Across the Enterprise

Working with your executive peers and colleagues, you can collaborate to address the company's growth priorities and deliver value across the enterprise:

  • Sales: Discover and expand new customer segments
  • Marketing: Identify high-priority segments and effectively match products to customers
  • Supply Chain: Identify weaknesses and opportunities in your multi-tiered supply chain
  • Finance: Identify risks and opportunities through sophisticated portfolio management
  • Compliance: Identify and isolate "bad actors" from the company's portfolio
Move Beyond Modeling to Achieve New Insights Complete the Journey With Support From Dun & Bradstreet’s Data Experts

Analytics derived from proprietary data and relationship linkages outperform internal analysis and deliver higher value. Best in class organizations have turned to Dun & Bradstreet products, services and Partner integrations to deliver meaningful growth through best-in-class analytics, experiencing:

  • 10% increase in revenue growth improvement for those who have employed customer data management best practices across their relationship engines, according to a study by a leading technology analyst firm
  • Over 175% improvements in Sales territory close rates
  • Over 140% initial ROI on marketing campaigns
  • 10% reduction in supply chain risk
See Customer Success Stories

  • Customer Story - Pitney Bowes

    "We wanted to compile all aspects of the client experience into a single view of the client - one view, so Pitney Bowes employees could see the company's entire history with the client, including every client interaction with us, in one place. We wanted to be able to leverage that information for predictive and trend analytics."

  • Customer Story - IGO-POST

    "“The (Dun & Bradstreet) database of company addresses is not only the biggest but it is also international. The fact that it is international was very useful for us for making unambiguous analyses between the various countries and applying a similar methodology in all of them."

  • Customer Story - Neopost

    "Besides developing the actual software we sell our customers, we've got to build an infrastructure where data quality is paramount. You can make a mess really quickly in the electronic age if you don't have your data right."