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Arm Sales with the Insights They Need to Deliver the Big Deal

Sales and Marketing

Finance and sales: BFFs? You bet. For successful companies, long gone are the days when the CFO was perceived as merely a cost cutter. More than ever, finance leaders empower their sales colleagues with the knowledge they need to make the deals that will deliver growth. Dun & Bradstreet Canada sharpens that finance and sales collaboration by delivering deep, accurate data and state-of-the-art analytics that prioritize opportunities and uncover future growth.

  • Discover the fastest path to growth
  • Identify top sales prospects
  • Shorten the sales cycle

Discover the Fastest Path to Growth People jumping over track hurdles

The fewer obstacles your sales colleagues have in front of them, the faster they can generate revenue.

Success drivers include:
  • Approving the right customers quickly and intelligently by activating world-class analytics
  • Refining how you deliver information to your sales organization, proactively equipping sales with information to help them engage in healthier dialogue with customers to resolve issues before revenue is at risk
Identify Top Sales Prospects Tourist Binocular

If finding the strongest prospects were easy, why do so few companies grow? Your finance organization is essential to delivering the best opportunities, which frees up your sellers to do what they do best: sell.

Success drivers include:
  • Mining data and analytics to let finance and sales engage in proactive client-matching and prospect-profiling
  • Strategically selecting and pre-approving targets with risk and entity data
Shorten the Sales Cycle Desk Clock

The typical B2B sales cycle is measured in months not days, but every minute still counts. Staying in front of the competition means shortening the path to close.

Success drivers include:
  • Developing fast but prudent ways to evaluate and approve new prospects for credit and move existing customers out of hold
  • Integrating global data and analytics with account-by-account insights to speed up prescreening and avoid unnecessary delays—cutting days from prospecting to closing
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