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Get Clarity Across Every Relationship in Your Portfolio

Sales and Marketing

Whether your portfolio spans a city, a country or the globe, Dun & Bradstreet Canada delivers the data, analytics and insight to grow your most profitable relationships. By combining your insights with our own, Dun & Bradstreet Canada facilitates a global, unified view of your customer relationships across credit and collections.

  • Advance the relationships with the most potential upside
  • Reduce tension between risk and opportunity
  • Unify disconnected data

Advance the Relationships With the Most Potential Upside Road with Trees

When a CFO looks at the company's relationships, it shouldn't mean looking around corners. It means getting rid of corners to create a clear line of sight.

Success drivers include:
  • Having a complete, accurate view of the entire customer portfolio
  • Creating a global, unified view of your relationships, strengthened by state-of-the-art analytics
  • Gaining a predictive view with analytics to take precise action on relationships to advance, and relationships to avoid
Reduce Tension Between Risk and Opportunity Stacked Stones

Because finance touches all business relationships - from sales and product to marketing and vendors - the CFO must thoughtfully and strategically balance risk and reward within those relationships.

Success drivers include:
  • Developing tools to efficiently manage all relationships, such as automating routine transactions
  • Integrating capabilities such as identify resolution, corporate linkage, and predictive scoring to lead to more thoughtful investments and provide a buffer against potentially damaging business relationships
Unify Disconnected Data View of Freeway Overpass from the ground

Companies like yours sit on goldmines of customer data, yet it often resides in different silos. The CFO is ideally positioned to pull together that disconnected data to sharpen the focus on managing capital and risk.

Success drivers include:
  • Understanding when "close enough" isn't "good enough" and asking your data the right questions to make sure you have that insight - and can extract it every day
  • Tapping into world-class predictive insights such as custom analytics, portfolio monitoring, and automated decision tools
For other CFO Insights on delivering growth, explore how you can collaborate effectively with sales and drive an enterprise-wide data strategy.
See Customer Success Stories

  • Among credit controllers and salespeople there is now a better understanding of the relationship between commerce and awarding credit. That improves the decision-making process and strengthens support for the decisions that are taken.
  • Using the data and analysis, they identified and spoke with vendors whose ratings indicated existing or potential issues. This not only led to productive dialogue and improved relations with vendors, but it often led vendors to take corrective action, when needed.