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How We’ve Been Inspired to
Give Back

D&B customers helped make 2012 a year to remember for D&B team members around the world and the communities they serve. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to share with you the way we’ve championed Peace and Progress around the globe.

Season's Greetings From All of Us at D&B

February 2012

Dublin Team Members Traverse Ireland for Child with Cerebral Palsy
James, the 6-year son of D&B team member Dan Naughton, was born with cerebral palsy, a group of disorders that can affect brain and nervous system functions such as movement, learning, hearing and seeing.

When Dan’s colleagues on the D&B Dublin Technology team learned there was a new procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR) that could help James get better control of his muscles and provide him with a more mobile life, they quickly mobilized to help the family with the costs.

The Dublin team established the “For James Appeal,” and successfully raised €20,000 (U.S. $26,250) with help from D&B colleagues around the world. In April, James will travel to the United Kingdom for surgery.

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March 2012

D&B One of Top Corporate Fundraisers: Lehigh Valley Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
In February, the Lehigh Valley Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) recognized D&B as one of the top corporate fundraising teams in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, home of the Center Valley office.

Center Valley team members raised $11,400 in 2011 to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. D&B was the third top corporate fundraiser, with Air Products & Chemicals in second place and The L.V. “Red Robin” Restaurant Group in first place.

As part of D&B team member efforts to support LLS, many participate in the Light the Night Walk, an annual fundraising walk to pay tribute and bring hope to people battle cancer. The D&B Stargazer Team has been participating in Light the Night for 5 years, raising more than $46,000.

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April 2012

D&B Holiday eCard Giving – D&B Customers and Team Members Extend Thanks and Giving Around the World
D&B’s annual holiday “thank you” ecard message is sent to more than 500,000 D&B customers in worldwide markets. The message offers customers an opportunity to select a charity for D&B to contribute to on their behalf. (The click thru is counted as a vote for a charity and the clicks are tabulated to determine the final contribution amounts for each charity).

United States

American Red Cross

Special Olympics

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Ethan Treese, Bill Pastro and Kristen Parry present the check to the American Red Cross.

Ethan Treese and Barbara Robinson visit Special Olympics with a special check.

D&B Chairman & CEO Sara Mathew and Erik Frank present D&B’s donation to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


Canadian Cancer Society


Make-A-Wish Canada

Laurent Truc, Natalie Nguyen and Amanda Bailey of D&B Canada present a cheque to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Damir Zecevic presents the Canadian National Institute for the Blind with a special check.

Sheila Valentine and Sharon Norris delivers D&B’s donation to the Canadian Make-A-Wish Foundation.

International – Europe: UK, Ireland, Benelux, Netherlands and Luxemburg
Asia – China, HDBC Huaxia), Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and India
Latin America – Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Argentina

In 2011, D&B team members also had the opportunity to click on the charity of their choice the company’s appreciation for all their work in 2011 to helping our customers.

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April 2012
Center Valley, PA Raffle to benefit the Pediatric Specialty Center for Oncology & Angel 34 Foundation
On Thursday, April 19th, Center Valley held a WISE raffle to benefit The Pediatric Specialty Center for Oncology & Angel 34 Foundation.

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April 2012

Team Members Bring Their Children to Work
D&B celebrated Bring A Child to Work Day on Thursday, April 26, 2012.
In Short Hills, 54 children participated in the event. The day’s activities were themed around “innovation” with a focus on an action to “Build Opportunity.”

Each year, team members open the doors of D&B’s offices to their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews on National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. The event is open to children from 3rd through 8th grade, who participate in Arlington, Va.; Austin, Texas; Center Valley, Penn.; Naperville, Ill.; Parsippany, N.J.; and Short Hills, N.J.

The children in Naperville were welcomed by Craig Planson, who led a conversation on innovation and its meaning. Then the children set to work on their own iPhone app activity, designing their apps using markers, construction paper, scissors and stencils.
Parsippany team members brought in 33 children, who stretched their innovation skills making their own iPhone apps.

In Arlington, Virginia, nearly 50 kids of all ages filled the hallways of D&B’s Government office for the annual event. The fun filled day allowed the kids to partake in patriotic themed activities and learn a bit about our country and the democratic process.

D&B's Latin America Business Center (LABIC) office in Sunrise, Fla., has been participating in Take Your Child to Work Day for more than eight years. This year the event took place on May 3, and the theme was a Bake Sale. The children split up into three groups: Cooks, Advertising and Sales, and they learned about running a business and working in an office. Then they got to sample their sweet creations.

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May 2012

Team Members Volunteer for Children
On May 9, Short Hills and Parsippany team members had a very memorable experience volunteering at the Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, NJ. They were warmly greeted by reception and then met with Vivian Concepcion, Coordinator of Volunteer Services. Vivian needed help with cleaning and organizing the supply and donation closet. The closet was packed from floor to ceiling with craft supplies, goody bags, toys, video games, DVDs and more. It was amazing to see the amount of donations from the community. There were also handmade quilts, knitted blankets and wheelchair bags that are provided to all new patients. D&B team members organized the closet by category and labeled everything so that the hospital staff will be able to easily locate items they need. Vivian also took the volunteers on a tour of the hospital and introduced them to several of the patients and staff. The bravery of the children and selflessness of the staff was amazing!

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May 2012
Thank You Letters from Pecan Springs Students in Hallway!
The D&B Austin site recently delivered 480 pillow pets to our partner school Pecan Springs Elementary. Every single student received a surprise gift!

Community Outreach members Susie Rupert, Barbara Redding, Christine Marquez, Suzanne Tobias and Gracie Vela handed out the stuffed animals and had the pleasure of witnessing the pure joy from the kids at the school.

Students recently sent us thank you letters expressing their sincere gratitude for these gifts. The pillow pets were a big deal for many of these low-income students. The letters are displayed in the main hallway so we can all see what an impact Austin site employees can have at Pecan Springs. Most students say they sleep with their pillow pet every night and feel like they have a new friend. Do not miss these adorable letters!

Pecan Springs Background: For many years, the Austin site has provided school supplies for the Pecan Springs students.  We also have the pleasure of having the Pecan Springs choir sing holiday carols to us onsite every year! More info about this year’s school supply drive/raffle coming this summer.

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June 2012

Austin Team Members Donate 100+ Handbags for Hope
The Austin, Texas Site Community Outreach Committee collected purses for the Texas Advocacy Project’s annual Handbags for Hope event. With the help of the D&B Austin site and many other area businesses and schools, the agency collects about 3,000 purses for victims of domestic violence each year. Women received the purses as Mother’s Day gifts from their children. But unlike many gifts, these purses contained a lifeline for women. Domestic violence hotline numbers are stitched inside, discreetly hidden from abusers. Receiving one of these purses on Mother’s Day could make all the difference for women trying to seek help or get out of an abusive situation. Austin site employees donated over 100 purses to this worthy cause.

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June 2012
Summer Analysts Welcomed to D&B
D&B offers qualifying college students an opportunity to work in a business setting , get experience with a great start to their future careers. It’s also a way for D&B to build a pipeline of talent!

15 Summer Analysts spent the summer of 2012 at D&B working in Short Hills, NJ, Center Valley, PA and Austin, TX. The Intern Program begins with an intensive day of orientation where the students learn about D&B’s history, goal setting, business etiquette and how to “own their future”.

“Build your reputation and do your best. If you do that every day, people will recognize it,” was the advice from HR Coordinator and former Summer Analyst, Jamie Hardy. Jamie’s coached many of the interns to “Make the most of this opportunity, and network with as many people as you can.” “I am so happy to return to D&B for another year as a summer analyst,” commented Melanie Gertz, a summer intern in Channel Marketing. “I’m hoping to make the most out of my experience by helping my team with a variety of projects, and by learning skills that I can bring back to school and use in the future.”

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June 2012
D&B Announces “200 Million Days of Thanks” Contest Winner
Check out the tribute site at http://www.dnb.com/200million

In the fall of 2011, D&B reached a significant milestone: 200 million businesses in our global database. A plan was developed to celebrate the milestone in a new and different way by saying, “Thank You” for 200 days. In the important global campaign, we were able to gather our customers’ business success stories and hear about their important company milestones.  We heard from large and small companies - down the street and around the globe. Frankly, we were humbled by the outpouring of responses.

To incent our customers to share their stories, we ran a contest encouraging them to share their stories for a chance to win a Kindle Fire and 10 top selling business books.
The winner of our contest was Betty Rogers, Credit Manager at Coppersmith Global Logistics in El Segundo, Calif. After we reached out to Betty she wrote back telling us, “It has been such a great experience to be a part of D&B’s 200 Million Businesses Celebration,” and proudly shared that her company posted our note to her in their company newsletter.

The campaign may have ended, but the celebration of our customers’ success will always continue. As Sara Mathew, D&B Chairman & CEO commented when we began the campaign, “200 million businesses is not a destination, it’s a stop along the way.”

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July 2012

The All Stars Have Arrived
On July 9, D&B welcomed 30 interns from the Development School for Youth to work for six weeks in the summer.

The Development School for Youth, also known as “DSY,” is a 12-week program created under the establishment of the All Stars Project that prepares ambitious young adults to become more acquainted with the corporate field of work and the professionals associated with that environment.

Through DSY, these students develop skills such as resume building, dressing for the corporate business environment, dining etiquette and most importantly networking.

As these bright young women and men prepare to take on D&B by full force, they have also been assigned to a leader from the company who will guide each intern along the right path toward ensuring that their work experience is not only enjoyable but also worthwhile.

D&B has been a long time supporter and advocate of the All Stars Project and its DSY graduates. D&B has the most DSY interns out of all the participating companies, with DSY graduates working in positions at Short Hills, Center Valley and Parsippany.

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July 2012
D&B Gets Active - for Fitness and the Community
Every year, Verizon Wireless holds its Corporate Classic 5K in Morristown, N.J., at the Headquarters Plaza Pioneer Park. This year D&B employees participated in the event by either running or walking the 3.1 miles.

The event brought together over 4,000 participants from other companies as well. After the event, Verizon donated $10,000 to its official charity beneficiary of the event, Jersey Battered Women’s Services, Inc.

The event not only serves a great charity purpose, but it also brings together employees and helps them to engage with one another and create new relationships. Participants incorporate the workplace values of communication and teamwork to complete the race.

The race brought together D&B colleagues and concluded with great results. Out of 134 teams, D&B’s female lineup placed at number twelve while the male lineup placed at thirty three. Congratulations to everyone who participated!

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August 2012

Team members volunteer at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue
One of the ways the D&B team is able to spend time together outside of work is by Volunteering. Recently the Marlow Reception team (plus special guest Rooney) did just that, spending a day at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue. Here they tell us all about their day...

Caroline Waller, Lucy Young, Sharon Rooney and Angie Turner spent a day tidying up one of the gardens and walking the dogs. Sharon fell in love with Ronnie the Spaniel, Angie had a very well-behaved Tom the Beagle, Lucy managed to control Laura the Terrier and Caroline had the Terrier who she just didn’t want to give up when we returned to the dog rescue home later in the afternoon. It was hard work making the place look fit for the dogs to run around. We ploughed through the under-growth and it came up looking half decent, even if we didn’t!

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August 2012
D&B Team member fundraises for UK Air Ambulance organization
Lynn Johnston (right), UK Facilities, explains how she has been fundraising for the Air Ambulance organisation. “I have been collecting the access cards of leavers for ages and took them to Catering to get any monies back and got £256! To that we added £20 that has been in ”lost property” for over a year. Kathinka Hyman and I also sorted out the old mobile phones. The Air Ambulance team receives £5 per phone and we gave Great work, Lynn and team!

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August 2012
UK Team members volunteer for Paralympics.
D&B Europe team member, Rostam Farahmandi shared what he does for charity in his spare time. On Saturday 14th July, Sportsable, a charity that provides support for the disabled, was having their annual wheelchair push to raise funds in Maidenhead. The club relies on donations to offer a wide range of sports for disabled people. In addition to providing much needed therapeutic time, the club has sent competitors to the Paralympics every 4 years for over 20 years and prides itself on the friendly and positive atmosphere they offer for members — able-bodied or disabled.

As Rostam shared, the group spent the morning in Maidenhead collecting money (right) and distributing leaflets for the summer fete that was to take place at the club that afternoon. In early afternoon the group travelled to Windsor, UK and continued to collect funds to support the charity.

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August 2012
D&B Helps Students Start Year Off Right
Dozens of students in Texas and New Jersey started the school year equipped for success, thanks to D&B team members in Austin and Short Hills who generously supported school supply drives.

In Austin, this year’s donation of $9,000 was one for the record books. Half was raised every student at Pecan Springs Elementary received a year’s worth of supplies and a backpack.

In Short Hills, D&B team members joined with employees at other local companies to support the Newark Now “Book Bag Giveaway” program. Founded in 2003, Newark Now provides city residents with skills, tools and support to transform their neighborhoods and improve lives.

“Every student deserves a chance to succeed,” said Maria Rossi, Short Hills Site Committee Co-Leader. "School supply drives provide more than the tangible materials students need – they also boost their confidence and self-esteem. We’re grateful to all team members who helped these youngsters start the school year right."

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September 2012

Center Valley Day United Way of Caring
The D&B Center Valley Finance Team volunteered for the United Way Day of Caring. The team worked at the Lehigh Valley Red Cross facility and helped with building maintenance and other projects. The team had a great time working together and helping the community.

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October 2012

D&B Team Member Named Habitat for Humanity Volunteer of the Year
Nancy Silver, a Sales Applications Specialist for the Philadelphia Tier 1 team, says she often finds herself in the role of “advocate” – both inside and outside of D&B.

Nancy is an advocate for D&B on behalf of our customers, as well as an advocate for our customers on behalf of D&B. In her volunteer work, Nancy is an advocate for families in need on behalf of Habitat for Humanity, and an advocate for Habitat on behalf of those families, in her role as a family mentor.

Nancy’s advocacy was recently honored when she was named Habitat for Humanity 2011 Volunteer of the Year in the Lehigh Valley, PA. A Habitat article detailed how, “Nancy has provided direction for families toward a better life by working with and mentoring them through Habitat for Humanity projects. Nancy has provided help through every minute of dedication with the construction of homes to improve the lives of our habitat families in need.”

Nancy joined Habitat through the suggestion of her already volunteering husband, who was a past Chairman of the Board. Nancy is currently on the organization’s Board of Directors (Board Secretary), a member of the Family Education Committee and Co-Chair of the Family Mentoring Committee.

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October 2012
D&B California Offices Golf to Support Special Olympics
Every year for the past 15 years, D&B team members from the San Francisco and Southern California offices have shown their support for the Special Olympics This year was no exception. On Sept. 17, D&B was a major sponsor of the High Tech Golf Challenge, benefiting the Special Olympics Northern California, donating $50,000 and raising an additional $3,700 at the event.

“This event allows team members to spend time with their customers outside of the office, for a worthy cause, and take time to give back to the community,” said Christine Wright, Leader on the Commercial & Strategic West team. “Our customers are always pleased to be part of this event and the feedback received is always positive and allows our customers to see D&B in a different light.”

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October 2012
D&B won a Volunteer Workout Employer Champion 2012 award for its work in the community
For the fourth year running, D&B has been recognised for the great effort that is put in by Team Members working with the Community.

Flo Styles (pictured left) went along to the Community Impact Bucks Show in Aylesbury to receive the ‘Volunteer Workout Employer Champion 2012’ Award on D&B’s behalf.

Well done to everyone for their continued effort and support in the Community through taking part in volunteering days and charity fundraising. Also thanks to D&B for allowing us the time to give something back to the Community.

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October 2012
D&B Uses Volunteer Days to Build a Wooden Staircase through Gomm Woods
D&O and Customer Services team members made the most of our Volunteer Days by building a wooden staircase through Gomm Woods in High Wycombe. The maintenance and renewal program, organized by the local Council, was helped by the D&B team who had to carry old railway sleepers up the hill as part of the task. Good work!

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November 2012

D&B UK Employees organize fashion shows raising over £5,000 for the MS Society
Jess Evans and Rebecca Chambers (Critical Intelligence team) have been busy again raising funds for good causes.

Jess tells the story : “My nana has been organising yearly fashion shows to raisemoney for Breakhrough Breast Cancer for 9 years now. My mum was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and her full focus has turned to raising money for the MS Society in the hope that we can one day have a cure for this disabling disease. Becky and I helped out at the fashion shows on Wednesday 3rd October. We arrived early and helped set out chairs and programmes and then served champagne to guests. We washed up and made food for the models and prepared champagne ready for the next show. We helped out at two shows and were able to watch the last one which was great fun!”

“The fashion shows made over £5,000 for the MS Society which is fantastic and the staff were so grateful of our help . Thank you to D&B for allowing us to make a difference for MS.”

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November 2012

Men of D&B Canada grow moustaches to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues
On November 1st, 2012, 24 of the Men of D&B Canada embarked on a mission to grow the best moustache for the 30 days of November.  During Movember, Mo Bros, as they are known, grow their moustaches in order to raise money and awareness for men’s health issues, including prostate cancer and mental health.   Together, the Canadian team of “Mo and Mostreet” raised over $7,000 to support this initiative.

In the UK, Dan Brew (Data Sales) rose to the challenge — with startling results on the last day of the month (see picture, left) In total D&B UK colleagues contributed £272 — and Dan's overall personal efforts raised almost £500.

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November 2012
Special Donation to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort
Many D&B team members, business partners and customers live in the areas US eastern seaboard areas impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Across our company, an overwhelming show of support and concern was evident with many team members wanting to know how they could help each other. D&B has a history of coming together to support those in need, and this time was no different. D&B chose to make a special donation to the special American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief effort.

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November 2012

Team Members Keep Shelves Stocked at NJ Food Banks
Showing community spirit and company pride, team members came together in three separate company-sponsored events to help New Jersey food banks.

“This was a great opportunity for all of us to give back to the local community,” said Talent Acquisition Manager Lizette Rivera, who organized the annual event with HR Project Coordinator Maria Rossi.

“When you volunteer at the food bank, you realize how great the need is,” she said. “One of the managers told us it’s not usual for children in local communities to come to school hungry on Mondays because they have little food in their homes over the weekend. The meals they receive in school – which are supplied by the food bank – are often all they get to eat.”

The Short Hills team – 12 volunteers strong – spent a total of 24 hours assembling and filling 190 boxes of food for the elderly. The boxes contained everything from cereal and peanut butter to canned soups and vegetables.

In addition, the Short Hills office raised more than $1,300 in food-bank donations (including the company match) and collected three bins of canned food and 48 coats.
The office also sponsored The Pajama Program, which provides new sleepwear and books to children in need. Team members responded generously, donating 68 pajamas for youngsters impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

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December 2012

Santa's in Town!
WELL DONE to Jocelyn Towns, International NCP and Bid Process Leader from International Partnerships, who is also Marlow Town Mayor. A self-confessed “non-runner”, Jocelyn recently threw herself into a project to take part in the annual Santa Fun Run, a 5K event, involving a 2000-strong gang of Santas! After a spell of dedicated training (“I thought my lungs were going to explode!”) Jocelyn successfully completed the event on Sunday 2nd December.

“My run went really well, I ran all the way, didn't stop once and completed the 5K in 39 minutes, my personal best, given that I am not a runner, nor do any keep fit! I was really pleased with that. I did take some time to do some training prior to the run, otherwise I might have kept St. John Ambulance busy! I was raising money for the three local Marlow charities that I am supporting this year, Marlow Sea Cadets, Lighthouse Charity and the Marlow Youth Club.”

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December 2012

S&MS Team—Volunteering at “One Can Trust”
On Tuesday 4th December, the entire S&MS team spent a full day doing volunteer work with One Can Trust. The Trust provides food aid to people who find themselves in times of crisis in High Wycombe and the surrounding areas. S&MS team members spent part of the day at the charity's storage facility in the town, sorting donations of food and packing parcels ready to be delivered to people who find themselves unable to provide food for themselves. Back at the office, they helped re-design and populate the Trust's databases and assisted with lots of tasks including creating menu cards for parcel recipients.

Overwhelming generosity
The S&MS team have also been collecting at D&B food and cash throughout the month of November and donated Secret Santa presents to be delivered by the Trust at Christmas. In this respect, Heather commented, “the generosity of the team has been overwhelming. We would like to thank everyone who helped on the day. You've made a tangible difference and helped change lives for the better.” So…a big thank you to all of those who contributed to make such an impact!

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