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D&B's Canada Offline Privacy and Data Protection Practices

Since 1857, D&B Canada has collected information on businesses to create products and services that assist its customers in critical buying and selling decisions. Today, D&B is the most trusted source for the information companies need to make their business a success.

Recognizing that the free flow of information must be balanced against an individual's privacy interests, D&B first developed and implemented formal data protection policies in the 1970s. The fundamental principles of those data protection practices continue to apply to our traditional (offline) information products and services. Clearly, employing data protection practices makes good business sense. Therefore, D&B subscribes to the practices described below.


D&B collects information on more than 100 million business establishments from over 200 countries. Up to 1,500 data elements are collected on each business. While all of the data collected is business-related, some elements are specifically identifiable to the individual owners or principals of the business. Data collected about owners or principals is limited to information deemed relevant for business decision-making. For example, this data is collected to give trading partners a sense of who is responsible for the decisions that drive the business, to provide the business qualifications of the business manager (such as education), and to serve as a resource to assess the likelihood of a business' success. Such business uses represent non-personal interests and do not pertain to the individual personally.

Access and Correction

A complimentary copy of a business information report is available upon request to an authorized agent of that business by faxing a written signed request at 506.867.2010 (Moncton). For any questions, please call D&B customer information center at 1.800.463.6362. When a business owner or principal contacts D&B about a potential error, we act promptly to correct it or any misleading information. In addition, a "stop distribution" may be applied to the relevant business report and to ancillary products affected by the error, until the matter is resolved. A correction notice is sent to businesses or others that D&B knows to have received the erroneous data. Controls are in place that manage the correction process, including distribution stoppage, corrective action, report/product revision and correction notices.


A business may have its information removed from business marketing lists published by D&B. An authorized representative of the business, resulting in its removal from marketing directories, publications and/or mailing lists can request the "delisting" process verbally or in writing. To be delisted, call our Customer Information Center at 1.800.463.6362 or contact us.


D&B takes technical, contractual and administrative steps to control data in order to protect against unauthorized access and disclosure. For instance, D&B will not provide reports or information to third parties without a contract. Our strict contractual processes stipulate valid/authorized uses of D&B data and bind customers to relevant Canadian, American and foreign laws. In addition, D&B requires employees to complete extensive data handling training. The company has developed numerous volumes of training documents that detail the policies and procedures associated with data collection, accuracy, quality, updating, notification, disclosure, privacy concerns and more. A leading statement in our training materials reads "there is a vital need to respect individuals' right of privacy," and "[employees] will not discuss Business Information Reports or the contents of Business Information Reports with non-business associates or friends."


To gather, supplement, benchmark and verify the data, D&B relies on multiple sources, such as payment data, business principals, courts and legal filing offices, news and media, customers, Internet, company financial information and other third parties. We invest more than $250 million annually in data collection activities.

Data Quality

Ensuring that our data are as up-to-date and accurate as practicable benefits both the data subject and D&B. To ensure quality data, D&B employs exhaustive measures including: direct contact with businesses; over 53,000 updates of new trade and public record information is added every day in Canada; and quality review at the point of collection instead of exclusively at the end of the data collection process.


Operationally, each issue above is covered by a senior manager and field team, with audit tools to ensure full compliance with the practices. In addition, within the General Counsel's office is a designated lawyer with global responsibility for the company's data protection policies. For questions about D&B's offline data protection policies or practices, contact: privacyofficer@dnb.com. Online Privacy & Data Protection Practices

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