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For more than 40 years, Staffmark has been successfully finding people work and providing companies with staffing resources.

Staffmark’s mission is simple – to be a great partner to our customers, our employees, and the communities we serve. And since being a great partner means different things to different people, we work hard to understand the unique needs of every person and business we are fortunate enough to connect with.

The Challenge

In the staffing industry, how you service your customers and help them find great workers is a big differentiator. The key to our success is service. Being able to make good decisions up front about who we extend credit to and collecting those dollars means we have additional funds to spend in a way that helps us innovate and deliver on our services. Lesa Francis, President & CEO Staffmark is a national staffing company with more than 300 locations in 31 states across the country. Every day, the team at Staffmark has an opportunity to change the lives of the individuals they place for work at the companies that look to Staffmark for help in workforce planning and resourcing. In this way, Staffmark plays an important role in the economy helping companies effectively respond to economic conditions.

For Staffmark, the ability to make upfront, smart decisions about the companies that need their services is critical. They must be able to quickly assess a potential new customer relationship as they secure new business, while avoiding customers that might result in bad debt. This lets Staffmark use bad debt reserves to re-invest in their business and focus on activities that are more important such as recruiting great candidates and training, learning and development.

The mission of the credit and collections department is to be a part of our sales process. We’re not here just to say yes or no. We’re here to help our branch offices make good decisions. We’re able to have our employees work for companies where they have an opportunity to be successful and grow. – Tom Jurman, VP Credit & Collections

How It Works

Collaboration with Dun & Bradstreet is part of the Staffmark credit and collections process from start to finish. From the time Staffmark receives an initial order from a branch office to evaluate to the time they wrap up a file. “We rely on D&B’s report and we’re confident in the material we have to make sound credit decisions,” says Rachael Corns Staffmark manager of credit and collections. “Our branches know that when we tell them we feel good about a D&B report, that we’ve made a good decision.”

World Class Results and ROI

Dun & Bradstreet sees data from companies around the world and recognizes that Staffmark is top performer in key credit and collections performance metrics such as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and turn-around time for approvals. These metrics are making a positive impact on the company’s top-line growth. Staffmark truly represents a “best-in-class” and world-class credit and collections organization that has been able to consistently exceed the goals set by their executive team.