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The modern organization both enjoys, and drowns in, a proliferation of business data both ripe for strategic possibilities and staggering in complexity. Few are the companies who feel they’ve totally tapped into its power to supercharge their growth efforts.

At the heart of a data-inspired approach to creating growth is a close collaboration across functional areas in the C-Suite, a new requirement that The CFO's Relationship Checklist explores in depth. As a business partner, financial savant, strategist and intimate acquaintance of the customer, the CFO is uniquely suited to lead efforts on collaborative data strategies.

Within The CFO's Relationship Checklist, learn how the data-inspired Chief Financial Officer can pursue and cultivate dynamic cross-functional relationships to propel an organization on the path to growth within the following areas:

  • The Office of the CEO
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Supply
  • Technology

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