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Cutting Edge Predictions You Can Trust

Provides a comparative rating of a company versus other companies, and is an authoritative measure of a company’s financial standing.

D&B Global Heat Map

D&B’s Global Heat Map provides a monthly, cross-border assessment of risk of doing business in 132 different countries and regions. Each country rating reflects the risk or opportunity that country-wide factors pose to potential export payments and investment returns. D&B country specialists distill the data through D&B’s global network of reporting offices and database of more than 265 million company records. Click to visit the latest insight on risk and opportunity in the global business environment.

D&B Canada Viability Rating

Cutting-edge predictions you can trust

The D&B Canada Viability Rating is a risk management tool that offers a comprehensive assessment of whether or not to do business with a company. Only the D&B Canada Viability Rating offers a multi-dimensional view of a business that delivers a highly reliable rating analyzing the current and future health of a business. Other scores answer only one-dimensional business problems or questions like “Will I get paid?” or “How can I reduce bankruptcy losses?” D&B’s Canada Viability Rating helps you assess the viability of a business with more precision.

Canada Viability Rating Score example

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