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CDO Challenges

Your Challenge: Deliver Growth Without Being
Mired in the Data Deluge

Organizations are drowning in data. The problem is no longer about how to get more data, but how to make sense of what you have. As the Chief Data Officer, you are responsible for leading a cultural change that breaks down silos between departments and aligns data assets across the enterprise to identify previously unrecognized relationships with customers, prospects, partners and suppliers – all while doing so through the lens of enterprise-wide governance to manage risk. But one thing’s for sure: This isn’t about technology or IT. You’re leading the charge to solve a business challenge. You have the opportunity to foster a data-inspired approach to uncovering valuable relationships.

Business data worldwide now doubles every 1.2 years
In 2015, only 0.5% of all the world’s data is analyzed by companies. By 2020, 33% will be useful if analyzed.