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Optimizer List Management Turns Contact Lists into Gold

Maintain a single, accurate view of your customer and prospect files across your multiple corporate applications* — including CRM, MDM, ERP, and AP. Whatever combination of mail, phone, or Web activities your company depends on, D&B’s Optimizer Solutions help you maximize revenue from sales and marketing campaigns. Decrease duplicates, returned mail, wrong numbers, bounced emails, and records missing information necessary for follow-up.

* Enterprise-wide licenses available

Comprehensive Optimizer Solutions

Product Highlights

  • Validates a company’s legal existence with D&B’s unique business identifier, the
    D-U-N-S® Number
  • Identifies duplicate records and highlights questionable matches
  • Enhances records with D&B insights including corporate family linkage, contacts, specialty data such as NAICs, marketing pre-screen score, and record change indicators

Optimizer: Choose the Version that Meets your Company’s Needs

Full-Service Optimizer – a full service solution offering flexibility on the number of records, types of data appends, and frequency of file updates. A batch integration option allows customers to submit files in their own internal reporting formats. The Optimizer Dashboard provides visual analytics – accessible online – of your customer file and statistics on how your customer segments compare to D&B’s global database.

DNBi Optimizer – an online, packaged solution for databases of up to 500 thousand records. It includes a standard set of data and options for additional data as well as visual file analytics, including your top industries, and granular geographic and revenue segmentation.

Boost Your Sales & Marketing Success

Optimizer matches your data against D&B’s global database of more than 265 million companies – the world’s largest - and runs it through the DUNSRight Quality Assurance Process to:

  • Clean your data for a consolidated, up-to-date view of your customers and prospects.
  • Identify and eliminate duplicates. Utilize the D-U-N-S Number to organize and keep track of your accounts and any changes they undergo. Prevent wasted calls to out-of-business leads.
  • Correct contact details and fill in information gaps. D&B’s address enrichment corrects 40 – 50 percent of addresses that the Post Office deems undeliverable, providing you with a larger campaign universe.
  • Enrich your records with D&B insight, such as SIC codes, financial information, predictive scores, and more. Create more targeted campaign messaging, profile customers to find more like them, and equip sales with more knowledge to build customer and prospect relationships.
  • Visualize your opportunities with profile reports, graphically depicting the health of your file and the distribution of your customers or prospects across key firmographics.

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