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Build a Best Customer Profile to Find Better Leads

Market Insight is Business Intelligence for your Customers. This Web-based prospecting tool uses your customer intelligence to build look-alike prospect lists and improve your marketing ROI. Your data and D&B’s largest, most up-to-date commercial database join forces to identify your strongest new prospects and best cross-sell and up-sell opportunities among existing customers.

A Magnifying Glass Looking Into one Person Among Many of Them for Market Insight Overview

Product Highlights

  • Built-in modeling tools enable customer profile analytics
  • View customers vs. prospects within corporate linkage to understand cross sell opportunities
  • Color-coded charts, graphs, and diagrams illustrate market potential
  • Customer and prospect lists by geography, industry, and other key variables

Market Insight Enables Smarter Prospecting

Pinpoint your Best Opportunities

Create sophisticated market segmentation reports and lists in a few simple steps. View easy-to-read graphics on your prospecting opportunities, complete with segments counts. Download software directly from D&B to your laptop or desktop and access the Market Insight application through any standard Internet browser – without IT support.

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