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Transform Your Supply Chain into a Growth Engine

Overcome the complexity of global supply chain management to avoid costly breakdowns and capture new opportunities. Evaluate, select, and monitor the strongest portfolio of vendors and distributors; negotiate favorable contracts; ensure compliance. Get streaming access to financials, legal structures, investment interests, and predictive analytics on current and future partners – streamed right into your SCM.

Gain an Informed Perspective
with D&B Direct

Product Highlights

  • Utilize forward-looking analytics to onboard and manage financially-stable suppliers and distributors
  • Gain deeper insight into entity relationships, legal and compliance issues and operational risks
  • Streami logging, tracking and evaluation of order fulfillment and delivery in real-time
  • Build custom applications for any device, complete with automatic alerts, triggers and updates

D&B Direct Provides Actionable Insights to Power Growth

Build an effective and efficient global supplier network with D&B intelligence. The D&B Direct API uses the DUNSRight® process to cleanse, enrich, and link your multiple sources of supplier data. By delivering data and analytics through the cloud, you gain a broader and deeper perspective on your supplier, distributors and other partners directly in your supply chain solution.

Streamline supplier and distributor management with:

  • Company Details: revenue, employee count, industry codes, locations and more
  • Corporate Linkage: delineate legal relationships between companies
  • Financial Performance: cash and liquid assets, total assets, total liabilities, sales, net income, and more
  • Operational and Regulatory Risk: criminal/fiduciary breach activity; suits, liens, judgments; diversity indicators and more
  • Predictive Risk and Analysis: including the D&B Delinquency Predictor™, D&B Total Loss Predictor, and D&B Viability Rating

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