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Reduce Supply Disruptions with D&B Business Information

Base your supply risk vendor management decisions on one integrated view of every supplier you work with. Supply Data Services brings together your many sources of supplier data and enriches the data with information from D&B’s largest commercial database.

Easily improve and maintain the accuracy of supplier information

Product Highlights

  • Reduce risk and minimize supplier disruptions
  • Negotiate and consolidate spending with an understanding of corporate family relationships
  • Support diversity initiatives and reporting requirements
  • Adhere to compliance policies and reporting requirements

Supply Data Services - Quality Data to Avoid Supply Chain Disruption

Stay On Top of Your Supplier Relationships

Supply Data Services is a flat-file delivery process that ensures that you have the highest-quality data, when and where you need it. Standardize and perform data cleansing routines and eliminate duplicate records by matching your data to D&B business records with our patented D-U-N-S Right quality process. Enrich your files with our third-party data to gain a complete view of supplier risk and opportunity. Refresh your data any time you need to maintain the accuracy of your supplier information.

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