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Business insight to improve collections and productivity

The D&B Canada Trade Exchange program puts the power of our DUNSRight® Quality Process to work for you. The Trade Exchange Program offers the means to share and access highly predictive payment experience information. When businesses participate in the program they join a powerful network of data contributors providing over 10 million accounts receivable updates, recording both favourable and unfavorable payment experiences, that are all incorporated into our Predictive Scores, PAYDEX and other business insights available to the business community.

Put the power of the Canadian Trade Exchange Program to work for your business

Participation is easy and free

Simply send us your accounts receivable data via e-mail or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) every month. We will incorporate this data into our D&B database and match it with our existing records to begin generating your monthly monitoring reports.

Free Quick Payment Analysis (QPA)

A side by side comparison of how quickly your customers are paying you versus how quickly they pay other providers. Spot collection problems before they occur and take advantage of sales opportunities.

Free Participation in D&B Invoice Sticker Program

  • Improve your collection efforts by using the powerful D&B brand on your invoices.
  • Better-paying customers will appreciate that their good credit behaviours will be reflected in the D&B database.
  • Late-paying customers may be incented to exhibit better payment behaviours, helping you improve your DSO and collection efforts.

Append Trade Style & Standardized Address to your customer file

Incorporating standardized address and trade style names can help you reduce fraud risk and increase the speed and ease of your collection activities.

Free D&B DUNS numbers match to your file

The D&B DUNS number will be matched to your customer file at no charge. This unique, nine-digit numbering system identifies more than 265 million business in our files and is universally approved for Electronic Data Interchange and government use. D&B DUNS numbers are also widely used for numbering customer accounts, cross-checking for accuracy and helping to prevent duplication of records.

Enjoy complete confidentiality

Your information is strictly confidential. Your company’s participation in the Canadian Trade Exchange Program is kept in absolute confidence and is not revealed to our customers when they access files in the D&B database, nor is it identified on any company report.

To participate in the Canadian Trade Exchange Program or for more information, please contact us at TradeC@dnb.com.